• You Can’t Clone Talent and Wisdom

    Talent comes from inside you. Wisdom comes from experience. Both are unique to the individual. It’s one thing to learn from others, but you can’t replicate them.

  • What If We Have It Wrong About Boredom?

    Despite its negative connotations, boredom may actually be valuable.

  • Be Open

    Creativity does not start with a solution. It starts with a problem. Creativity is not a search for something someone else thought of - it's not a guessing game. Do all these brain-teasers we come across really have something to do with creativity?

  • Seek Simplicity, But Distrust It

    While we yearn for simple rules, those rules are often lead us astray. We need to find a way to make peace with complexity.

  • Don’t Stop Me Now

    Recording cannot replace experiencing. Experiencing and connecting should always come first. So... don't stop me now!

  • 10 Priorities to Reinvent Brain Health in the Digital Age

    How could we (and should we) adapt Brain Health to the realities and opportunities in the Digital Age?

  • Is Inspiration Contagious?

    Is inspiration contagious? Do inspired works of art inspire the audience? There is a long tradition in the humanities that suggests it does. Plato once argued that inspiration is transmitted to the audience through the Muse. Remarkably, however, this has only just been tested scientifically.

  • Education & Business Have The Same Problems (And The Same Fix)

    As much as we don't want to believe it, the same challenges exist in every industry and there's one easy way to fix all of them in one fell swoop. Sadly, we all think our own problems are unique to us and ignore the best advice in front of our eyes.