• Why Ear Training Might Matter More than You Think

    Every music major takes "ear training" classes at some point, and it's easy to go through the motions and just try to get it over with. But it turns out that ear training is more valuable than it may appear.

  • Stymied by a Tricky Problem? Why Talking Out Loud Might Help.

    Talking out loud to ourselves seems like a goofy thing to do - but research suggests that this can help us solve problems more effectively.

  • Lessons on Creativity and Life from the Man Who Was New York City - a Tribute to Rick Budo

    The path to creative life can rarely be described as a sequence of “simple steps”. Before we start talking about “success” and “happiness” maybe we should ask ourselves first: “what the hell does it all mean?”. Rick Budo had some clever answers for us

  • No, Van Gogh Was *not* Crazy

    In September 2016, an expert symposium at the Van Gogh museum decides that the painter was not mentally ill.

  • Be Open

    Creativity does not start with a solution. It starts with a problem. Creativity is not a search for something someone else thought of - it's not a guessing game. Do all these brain-teasers we come across really have something to do with creativity?

  • Your Brain Isn’t Wired for Consistency - but That’s Not as Depressing as It Sounds

    Ever wonder why it so difficult to hit that perfect shot twice in a row? Turns out our brain is wired not for absolute consistency, but something more important.

  • 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Summer Vacation

    For many of us, the summer vacation is usually booked in advance, planned and designed to use every single minute. Which is great, but it doesn't really leave room for surprises or, dare I say, adventures. So today we are on a mission to bring back some surprises to our summer vacation. We are going to spice up our vacation with five simple things that will make us feel like children again, without giving up our grand plans for the summer. Ready? Let's hit the road!

  • Get Lost

    Is it possible that we are losing the ability to get lost in more than just the geographical sense? Is it possible that by knowing exactly where we are all the time, we are losing something more precious like our ability to be surprised?

  • Expect the Unexpected

    Creativity cannot flourish if we keep seeing only the things we expect to see. If we want to be creative, we must keep ourselves surprised; we must embrace uncertainty and actively look for the unexpected. But how we can achieve that? Isn’t that an inherent contradiction: how can we expect the unexpected?

  • Made You Look!

    We can practice and improve the core of creativity every minute of every day. In fact, we are wired for that.