• What is the Worst Thing You Should (Be Allowed to) Say?

    A look at the boundary between what you should not say and what you should not be allowed to say.

  • Into the Shoulds - Sondheim and Freud

    Inspired by the stage version of Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods," this article provides an intriguing psychological spin on the 2014 film.

  • The Only Normal Family in America

    And speaking of creative efforts…I wrote this little ditty in 1996, and have sent it to my friends and colleagues as an annual December ritual ever since. It’s funny to see how well it holds up – the talk show hosts and other TV references have changed, but the basic points still apply. And that includes my sincere wishes for happy holidaze to all, and a brighter New Year to come!

  • The AI Garden

    A new film project - human creativity collides with rigid perfectionism of a machine.

  • A Keen Life

    When you commit yourself to the endless repair of a chronically unravelling world, you are rarely deprived of things to do, of goals to sustain you, of a sense of meaning.

  • The Art of Computational Creativity

    An edited transcript of a panel discussion on "Computational Creativity and the Arts" from the Fifth International Conference on Computational Creativity serves as the prompt to a discussion of meta-level issues in the field of computational creativity.

  • Beyond Discouragement - Creativity: How to Raise a Creative Child

    In the immortal words of M. Python, "and now for something completely different." For this column, I won't be railing against the demeaning mad genius myth and its wobbly underpinnings. Instead, I will discuss this unrecognized gem of a book, in which world-renowned artist Bernard Poulin -- a very un-mad genius, and father of two -- discusses protecting the budding creativity of children from the things that are likely to squash it.

  • Ten Ways to Engage Students Using Graphics and Color

    Graphic recording and visual note taking are new ways to interact with content. As a teacher or a student you don't need to be an artist to benefit from these strategies. Try them--they're fun!

  • How Do Our Brains Remember? (Video)

    Joe LeDoux of The Amygdaloids interviews Nobel Prize Winner Eric Kandel about Mapping Memory. Complete with an Amygdaloids music video, Map of Your Mind.

  • Introducing… The Imagination Institute!

    The Imagination Institute is dedicated to making progress on the measurement, growth, and improvement of imagination across all sectors of society.