Intuitive Intelligence Development

Defining Intuitive Creativity as a Necessity of Human Intelligence

  • What If…?

    What if Creativity really is meant to be the central theme of education, social progress, global sustainability, innovation and human brain development?

  • Daring to Push the Boundaries of Creativity

    Creative development is probably the best medium and representative for every type of emotion we can conjure and experience, particularly for a species that thrives and survives on constantly acquiring and applying knowledge, which is contingent upon an emotionally developed brain that has evolved with a “neuroplastic” propensity for creativity. We are destined, to be engaged with the entwined elements of emotions, creative critical thinking, relationships and decision-making on a daily basis – these are the things we each ought to audaciously strive for, regardless of our stations in life.

  • Intuition as the Basis for Creativity

    Conscientiousness is inefficient and subject to dullness without creativity, and creativity does its best work when it functions intuitively.