Fostering Kids' Success

  • Children’s Emotional Well-Being: Eight Practical Tips for Parents

    Children’s feelings have an impact on their daily functioning, including their behaviour, productivity, and creative expression. Here’s how parents can help to fortify kids’ emotional well-being.

  • Kids’ Creativity: Two Important Questions for Parents to Consider

    Parents typically want to encourage their children’s creative expression. However, uncertainties and misconceptions about creativity abound. Here are two questions that merit thought and discussion—along with ideas so parents can foster kids’ creativity to the fullest.

  • Explaining Creativity to Kids

    Parents and teachers often encourage kids to “use creativity.” However, creativity can be complex. Just telling children to use it may be met with silence. Or confusion. Some kids may wonder what creativity is! Here’s some basic information, along with two vivid explanations that will help them grasp the concept—and also understand why creativity is important.

  • Can Creativity Help Kids Get Through Challenge?

    Creativity is a surprising source of strength. It can empower people to become more resilient, confident, and productive. Here’s why and how to encourage kids to use creativity during times of challenge.

  • Kids Who CAN But WON’T: What Can Parents Do?

    Resolutions? Expectations? The New Year is inevitably full of promise—and promises. However, kids’ resolve sometimes melts like snow… Here’s how parents can help children and teens meet responsibilities and challenges throughout the coming months.

  • What Do Productivity and Creativity Have in Common?

    The quick (and unproductive) answer is that both words end with the same letters—TIVITY. The better (and more creative) answer points to several sure-fire approaches that parents can use to foster kids' productive AND creative efforts. Find out more below!

  • What Kills Creativity in Kids?

    Creativity is a choice—and if children are going to choose to be creative then parents have to be careful not to stifle it. What kills kids’ creativity? Here’s what to avoid.

  • Creating a Culture Where It’s Cool to Be Smart

    This article by Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster on nurturing children’s intelligence and creativity was first published in 2009 in Gifted Education International. It was also the frontispiece in Roeper Review, and was featured at Education News. In light of Michelle Obama’s focus on educational reforms, see how and why the messages in this article still resonate strongly today.

  • Too Invested in Your Child’s Activities and Performance?

    How involved should parents be in their children’s activities? Young and aspiring artists, musicians, athletes, and scholars experience challenges as they strive to achieve. So, what comprises too much or too little parental involvement? What’s just right? Here are some guidelines.

  • The Lure of Kids’ Extracurricular Activities:  The Impact, and Answers to Parents’ Questions

    School resumes, and kids are registering for all kinds of extracurricular programs. However, many parents have concerns about relevance and suitability, including the content, costs, benefits, and demands of these activities, wondering which ones are appropriate for their child. Here are some considerations and guidelines.