Dr. KH Kim Column: The Creativity Challenge How We Can Recapture American Innovation

Dr. Kim is a professor of Innovation & Creativity at the College of William & Mary. She is the author of “The Creativity Challenge: How We Can Recapture American Innovation,” which was published this September. The book is in honor of Dr. Kim’s mother who, despite poverty, selflessly supported her children’s education and creativity and died from malnutrition. To commemorate her, the profits will be used help poor Korean mothers develop their children’s creativity.  Dr. Kim has dedicated her career to the research of creativity and innovators. She has trained groups of individuals around the world, helping foster their and others’ creativity so that all people can achieve innovation. She aims to help individuals –– especially those who feel different, misfit, or are viewed as troublemakers –– use the power of creativity to achieve their dreams. Previously, her study, “The Creativity Crisis,” revealed American creativity has decreased since 1990, especially among young children. It was the subject of a 2010 Newsweek cover story. The study opened national and international dialogues about the importance of creativity in education and all areas of life. 

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