Kyung Hee Kim, Ph.D. Column: Yes, There IS a Creativity Crisis!

Dr. Kyung Hee Kim is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at The College of William and Mary. She trains parents and teachers around the world to foster creativity in children. In July 2010, she opened a national and international dialogue with her study “The Creativity Crisis,” in which she showed the American creativity in decline since 1990. Dr. Kim’s research focuses on the relationship between higher mental functions and achievement, personality, and cognitive functioning.  She has identified the characteristics of underachievers, dropouts, and creative students, and ways for them to achieve their full potential.  She assesses creative behaviors in various ways, and tests the reliability and validity of assessment tools, and promotes assessment principles, teaching and counseling strategies, and research methodologies that enhance creativity in individuals.  Her goal is to shape school reform and education policy to include practices that enhance students’ creativity.
Numerous organizations have recognized Dr. Kim’s scholarly contributions including, in 2011, The Early Scholar Award from the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC); in 2009, The Berlyne Award from the American Psychology Association and The New Voice in Intelligence and Creativity Award from the University of Kansas and the Counseling Laboratory for the Exploration of Optimal States; in 2008, The Hollingworth Award from NAGC and The Ronald W. Collins Distinguished Faculty Research Award from Eastern Michigan University; and others. Dr. Kim was recently honored as the 2012 Torrance Lecturer.

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