Eathan Janney Column: locateflow

Eathan Janney is a Ph.D. student in Biology (Neuroscience) at the Graduate Center. A pianist and composer, he has studied jazz at Rutgers University, and incorporates his musical background into current research. Eathan studies bird song in the lab of CUNY biologist Ofer Tchernichovski, and is presently developing a project exploring correlations between song learning abilities and other behavioral traits in birds.

Eathan’s business, Floating Piano Factory, has provided him with over 10 years of opportunities to share in stimulating conversation with a diversity of people while tuning or regulating their pianos. Working as a musician, scientist, and entrepreneur, Eathan is intrigued by the concept of creativity on a daily basis, and is interested in tackling this complex notion through interdisciplinary methods. He is developing a project titled that will be a website dedicated to exploring the nature of creativity.

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