Kathryn P. Haydon Column: Sparkitivity igniting bright minds

Kathryn P. Haydon writes, speaks, and consults to support an educational paradigm based on student strengths and creative thinking. She is a keynote speaker and specialist for families, schools, and educational organizations nationwide.  Kathryn co-authored Creativity for Everybody (2015) and Discovering and Developing Talents in Spanish-Speaking Students (2012); writes for publications on education, creativity, and parenting highly creative and gifted children; and is a published poet.  As a former teacher, Kathryn founded Sparkitivity to engage “square peg” students and to support the parents and educators who want them to succeed. She holds a Master of Science in Creativity, Creative Problem Solving, and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at State University of New York, and a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University. Learn more and find resources at http://www.sparkitivity.com or @sparkitivity

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