• Mastering the Art of Pre-suasion with Robert Cialdini

    "If I find myself being drawn toward a particular message, I ask myself what did that communicator do before I received the message?"- Robert Cialdini

  • LinkedIn + Positive Psychology: Applying Science To The Way We Work

    A lot of employers like to say that they are focused on employee well-being, but what does this actually look like in practice? LinkedIn, one of the most innovative companies and in-demand employers in the world, has integrated positive psychology into their culture, demonstrating their true focus on their talent.

  • Stories Are Important, We Should Get Them Right

    The appeal of parables is that they reveal a simple truth without having to explain facts and that is also why they are so dangerous. The world is not such a simple place, which is why parables so often lead us astray. As Alfred North Whitehead put it, seek simplicity, but distrust it.

  • Unraveling Human Excellence

    What drives success? In this article, Dr. Brian Davidson unravels a new theory to explain human excellence.

  • You Can’t Clone Talent and Wisdom

    Talent comes from inside you. Wisdom comes from experience. Both are unique to the individual. It’s one thing to learn from others, but you can’t replicate them.

  • Education & Business Have The Same Problems (And The Same Fix)

    As much as we don't want to believe it, the same challenges exist in every industry and there's one easy way to fix all of them in one fell swoop. Sadly, we all think our own problems are unique to us and ignore the best advice in front of our eyes.

  • The 48-Hour Sulk Rule & the Creative Entrepreneur’s Occupational Hazard

    How do you react to criticism and rejection? Carry on as if it doesn't affect you or hang your head in despair? Maybe there's a way that doesn't aim for any "perfect" way to react.

  • 4 Things Brands Need To Know About Storytelling

    Today, when consumers take notice of a brand, they are less likely to run to a store and more likely to jump on the Internet, where their digital activity can be retargeted by competitors. We need to shift from crafting messages to creating experiences. Brands can no longer rely on slogans and jingles, but must learn to tell stories.

  • How Smart Businesses Are Turning Academic Research Into Profits

    To account for its success, many point to America’s entrepreneurial culture, its tolerance for failure and its unique ecosystem of venture funding. Those factors do play important roles, but the most important thing driving America’s success has been its unparalleled scientific leadership.

  • Is Your Company Faking Creativity?

    Many companies implement gimmicks and free stuff in an attempt to appear like a creative company, but it's all fake. The company leaders who actually foster creativity get out of employees way and LET it happen naturally.