• The Unusual Secret to Create What Matters

    I’m more interested in what factors help us shape a meaningful, coherent, creative life over four, five, six, seven decades. Not years. In what helps us craft a life that includes both revenue and purpose and captivating creativity – the kind of creativity that holds you captive plus holds your tribes spellbound.

  • Manifestos for Mini-Creative Retreats

    Retreats are necessary for the creative mind to have uninterrupted time to wander, tinker, and ultimately move great ideas into action. But how do you keep from over-booking that creative time with too much ambition (the counter-mood to a retreat!) on one hand and a loose free-for-all in which little actually gets done on the other?

  • A Door That Opens Outward

    If we can stop ourselves from asking “Is the work good?” and instead focus on what we’re learning from it, then we can dramatically alter the reasons why we choose to be creative in the first place: not for the nods of approval or widespread understanding, but for our own personal breakthroughs.

  • How Creativity Makes Us Feel Alive

    The process of inner transformation is itself a creative process, for through the process of advanced inner development, you are literally creating a new self.

  • A Radical Alternative to Resolutions & Goal-Setting

    No wonder December can feel so depressing to so many people. On one hand, we take stock of all we did not do that we thought we might during the current year, and on the other hand we face another year and wonder if we can muster a shred of hope to make things different. But what if we have a tool at our disposal that is exponentially more likely to lead to the change we desire?

  • 4 Visionaries Who Saw Far Into The Future And How They Did It

    To paraphrase Heidegger, to build a new vision of the world, you first must understand what it means to live in it.

  • How to Get Yourself to Practice When You Don’t Feel Like It

    Not in the mood to practice or study? Here's a technique to try when your inner drive is nowhere to be found.

  • Making It Up on the Spot: How Improv Comedy Creates Leaders

    Beyond the fun and the thrills, improv has made me a better leader. It cultivates authenticity, teamwork, creativity, agility and growth mindsets!

  • A Writer’s Routine

    Here we have a refreshingly honest look into the daily routine of a professional wordsmith. It's a play-by-play that provides insight into some of the best practices, habits and subjective experiences of best-selling author Ryan Holiday.

  • Finding Your Life’s Work

    Shed some light on your life’s calling with this science-backed journaling activity!