The Truth About Creativity Virtual Conference

Event Brief

When our jobs challenge us to be creative on demand, we must develop novel, useful ideas that will keep our organizations and ourselves competitive. The Truth about Creativity is a 5-day virtual conference hosted by David Burkus that has gathered 30 + experts on creativity and innovation as they explore the truth about how the most creative companies and people REALLY generate great ideas.

We tend to think about creativity in terms that are reminiscent of the ancient muses. We talk about being divinely inspired or have flashes of insight, like creativity is only open to a lucky few.  The truth is that we are all able to be creative on demand and improve our capacity to develop novel, useful ideas that will keep ourselves and our organizations competitive.

Based on his best-selling book The Myths of Creativity, David Burkus will be bringing together 30+ renowned experts on creativity and innovation for a series of 30 minute video interviews. This conference will teach you strategies to enhance your creative capacity and activities you can apply to your life the same day. Together we will explore the secrets of the world’s most innovative companies and the truth about creativity.

The Truth about Creativity is available for FREE online from June 2 - 6, 2014!

Whether you are looking to increase creative capacity of yourself, your team or your entire company, this conference has something for you.


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