Educating a Neurodiverse World | Brian Kinghorn (Video)



What kind of world would we have if we all realized what kind of mind we had and began appreciating it? What if we did the same for others? In this talk, Brian Kinghorn champions the cause of Neurodiversity, arguing that there is not just one “standard-issue” brain.

Having an Autism Spectrum diagnosis, Ph. D. candidate Brian Kinghorn advocates for greater understanding and acceptance, and reminds us that different does not have to mean less. Brian R. C. Kinghorn is pursuing a doctorate in Measurement & Evaluation at Teachers College, Columbia University. Kinghorn holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Arcadia University and an M.A. in Statistics from Columbia University. Besides scholarly pursuits and philosophical debate, Brian enjoys Mindfulness Meditation and is an Aikido practitioner. 

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