The Creativity Debate

Talent or Practice – What Matters More?

A variety of perspectives on the origins of greatness.


The Creativity Post introduces The Creativity Debate - a new format for discussing problems important for understanding creativity. We invited debaters from a wide range of different disciplines to write a short commentary on the subject "Talent or Practice- What Matters More?". Read entries and join our discussion!

Is greatness the result of talent or deliberate practice? This perennial question received a resurgence of interest recently after a NY Times Op-Ed reviewed research suggesting that both talent and practice contribute to differences in high performance. But what is a more important contributor to success — talent or practice? Are people with lower ability able to compensate with more practice? Are those with higher ability able to innovate with less practice? How do talent and practice interact? In this Creativity Debate, we tackle these complex issues head on, exploring the practical implications for people at all the differing levels of talent and practice. 

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