These Short Video Blasts Will Make You Perform Better And Be Happier, With Science



These 4 short, evidence-based, highly-actionable video blasts will show you how to optimize your cognition, performance, and mood.

We tend to think of our thoughts as irrefutable representations of reality. Even our cognitive prowess, we see as being largely fixed. But with my work, I try to spread the message through science that our brains are not only highly plastic in the structural sense, but in the psychological sense as well. In fact, quality of our mentation can be bolstered by any number of factors. Our own moods—our perspective on not only the world but even the conversations that we have with ourselves—may be affected to an incredible degree by our spaces, the food we eat, and more. In this series, I try to break it down (with citations pasted on YouTube.)
Let's start with memory and cognition. How would you like to easily upgrade the way you think, right now? In this quick blast of evidence-based practical and actionble steps, you'll see how. (I'm so happy for #4.)
What about your mood? You've been in a funk lately? Well in this next video blast, you'll see how your feels might not be real. Wait, what? Watch and find out:
Spring has sprung, which means more time outdoors! Did you know that just being outside confers some incredible benefits to your health, both directly and indirectly? You may want to watch this (#2 is incredible—thank you evolution!):

And while you're spending more time outdoors, you may want to make sure your body is in shape as well. And I don't mean for aesthetic purposes—I mean for your brain. In this video, learn some of the fascinating brain benefits of hitting the gym (#3 might make some uncomfortable, which is why it needs to be heard):

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