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  • AI and Art I: The Setup

    Setting the stage for a discussion of AI and art.

  • “AHA!” Moments

    A flash of inspiration can be productive and motivating, provided we take advantage of it. Here are five pointers to help kids appreciate the spark—and then fan the flames of creative thought and meaningful learning.

  • Creative Expression: A Source of Solace and Strength

    In a world where violence, hate, and derision seem too common, we—and our children—seek comfort, and a way forward. There are no easy answers. But here are some approaches that may help kids.

  • Appreciating Music as a Foundational Aspect of Creativity

    Music has the power to enrich lives. Children benefit from observing, listening to, and participating in musical activities. Find out why and how—and also discover what a modern day composer has to say!

  • Computationally Fostering Creativity

    Computers are often regarded as tools of self-enhancement. Using them to increase our creative potential is not only a possibility but an evermore obvious asset. The question is how to do it and which aspects should we consider?

  • Claude Shannon’s “Creative Thinking” Speech: A Genius Reveals How To Be Creative

    A speech from one of the 20th century’s most brilliant minds about how to be creative. The article features some fun history about Claude Shannon, then the reader will find some wonderful thoughts on creativity.

  • One Sentence, One Paragraph, One Page

    It may take several drafts to get this exercise right; it might also necessitate going back and refining the product itself. In forcing ourselves through this process, we also force ourselves to explain succinctly what we have, what it does, and why anyone should care. If we’re not able to, then it says something about the potential viability of this thing we are creating and our ability to explain it to the audience.

  • What Companies Can Learn from Artists to Improve Innovation

    Creativity is the driving force of innovation. Without creativity, innovation might be just luck. And since creativity plays such a major role in the process of innovation, we might as well learn from the professionals whose life is creative by definition.

  • Kids’ Creativity: Two Important Questions for Parents to Consider

    Parents typically want to encourage their children’s creative expression. However, uncertainties and misconceptions about creativity abound. Here are two questions that merit thought and discussion—along with ideas so parents can foster kids’ creativity to the fullest.

  • Mind the Creativity Gap

    For more than a decade, leaders across industries and across the globe have identified creativity as the most important skill and strategic imperative in a world where constant change is the new normal. But their actions don't follow their words. There are 7 key reasons that needs to change.