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  • Want To Innovate? Science Says, Daydream!

    The greatest innovators in the world often daydream, and this characteristic can be credited with making their innovation possible. To develop the daydreaming attitude, one of the 27 characteristics found in the greatest innovators, research says follow this.

  • Brené Brown on Creativity, Courageous Vulnerability and Wholehearted Living (Podcast)

    Brené Brown and Scott Barry Kaufman discuss the power of being vulnerable and how the data suggests that it is one of the best predictors of courage.

  • Challenges of Creativity

    What are some of the challenges of being creative? An author (a weaver of words), and an artist (a master of imagery), exchange ideas and also share strategies to help kids overcome challenges and express creativity.

  • Learn Self-Control Through Science

    Realize your creative goals with these 5 science-backed methods.

  • Manifestos for Mini-Creative Retreats

    Retreats are necessary for the creative mind to have uninterrupted time to wander, tinker, and ultimately move great ideas into action. But how do you keep from over-booking that creative time with too much ambition (the counter-mood to a retreat!) on one hand and a loose free-for-all in which little actually gets done on the other?

  • A Door That Opens Outward

    If we can stop ourselves from asking “Is the work good?” and instead focus on what we’re learning from it, then we can dramatically alter the reasons why we choose to be creative in the first place: not for the nods of approval or widespread understanding, but for our own personal breakthroughs.

  • What Drives Children’s Creativity?

    Pens vs. paintbrushes. Compelling words vs vivid strokes. What underlies creativity for writers? For artists? Are there commonalities? How can parents and teachers nurture children’s creative expression? Here’s a candid dialogue between an author (Joanne Foster), and an artist (Rina Gottesman).

  • A Writer’s Routine

    Here we have a refreshingly honest look into the daily routine of a professional wordsmith. It's a play-by-play that provides insight into some of the best practices, habits and subjective experiences of best-selling author Ryan Holiday.

  • What is the Worst Thing You Should (Be Allowed to) Say?

    A look at the boundary between what you should not say and what you should not be allowed to say.

  • Symbols & Facts

    A look at symbols and facts in the context of social activism, protests and art.