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  • A Door That Opens Outward

    If we can stop ourselves from asking “Is the work good?” and instead focus on what we’re learning from it, then we can dramatically alter the reasons why we choose to be creative in the first place: not for the nods of approval or widespread understanding, but for our own personal breakthroughs.

  • How Creativity Makes Us Feel Alive

    The process of inner transformation is itself a creative process, for through the process of advanced inner development, you are literally creating a new self.

  • Jane McGonigal on How Video Games Can Make Us SuperBetter (Podcast)

    Bestselling author, video game designer, and TED talk superstar Jane McGonigal stops by to discuss her research on the positive effects of gaming. Jane is a goldmine of science-backed information on how games can fight depression and PTSD, encourage creativity and help to achieve real world goals.

  • A Writer’s Routine

    Here we have a refreshingly honest look into the daily routine of a professional wordsmith. It's a play-by-play that provides insight into some of the best practices, habits and subjective experiences of best-selling author Ryan Holiday.

  • What I Shared Today With My UNC Chapel Hill Students

    On the power of stories to help us recognize our common humanity, narrow the distance between self and other, and wrest meaning from tragedy.

  • Writing in Your Underwear and Creative Expression

    A large sampling of the most eminent creators in history had to develop their own, unique processes to support creative production. How might we grant this latitude to those creative minds who haven't yet developed into producers - children - to undergird their growth in creative expression?

  • The New Black Box

    La MaMa founder Ellen Stewart's mission of connecting international arts communities is carried on by CultureHub, the 53-year-old theatre's newly-formed art and technology incubator.

  • Where do Savant Skills Come From?

    Unraveling the mysteries surrounding the exceptional performance of savants.

  • Word Play with Nika Harper

    Writing isn’t so hard, once you get used to it! Nika Harper talks about the art of writing and challenges you to join her in making something new.

  • Investing in the Creativity Sector

    Community banking’s expanded role in fostering local Arts