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  • 4 Things Brands Need To Know About Storytelling

    Today, when consumers take notice of a brand, they are less likely to run to a store and more likely to jump on the Internet, where their digital activity can be retargeted by competitors. We need to shift from crafting messages to creating experiences. Brands can no longer rely on slogans and jingles, but must learn to tell stories.

  • Don’t Let Your Marketing Ruin Your Content

    Marketers need to shift from crafting messages to creating experiences and that’s a tall order. It means that we need to leave behind how we’ve come to think about traditional campaigns and adopt a different approach to brand publishing

  • Peter Thiel’s 4 Rules For Creating A Great Business

    Peter Thiel recently published Zero to One, a book based on a startup course he teaches at Stanford, which summarizes his philosophy and gives four rules for creating a great business.