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  • Innovation As Problem-solving

    Interview with Greg Satell, the author of Mapping Innovation: A playbook for Navigating a Disruptive Age.

  • Education & Business Have The Same Problems (And The Same Fix)

    As much as we don't want to believe it, the same challenges exist in every industry and there's one easy way to fix all of them in one fell swoop. Sadly, we all think our own problems are unique to us and ignore the best advice in front of our eyes.

  • Why Business Defies Logic

    The problem is that any engineering approach has to be applied to a theoretical model and models, no matter how cleverly constructed, are not perfect representations of the real world. Numbers, despite what many say, can lie.

  • How Your Mission Drives Your Strategy

    Great businesses, in the final analysis, are built by passion. Strategies can come and go, but the mission of the enterprise is fundamental to directing action.

  • If We Are Going To Compete For The Future, We Need To Do These 6 Things

    We need to change the software of our organizations in order to be compatible with the cold, hard realities of today. It is no longer efficiency that will determine the fate of an enterprise any more, but reimagination.

  • America Is Innovation

    "We innovate. We try new things. We risk failure. But when we fail, we pick ourselves up and we try again. We create new business models and they succeed. And then newer models come along and destroy them."