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  • Learn Self-Control Through Science

    Realize your creative goals with these 5 science-backed methods.

  • A Door That Opens Outward

    If we can stop ourselves from asking “Is the work good?” and instead focus on what we’re learning from it, then we can dramatically alter the reasons why we choose to be creative in the first place: not for the nods of approval or widespread understanding, but for our own personal breakthroughs.

  • Sharing Family Life Stories with Kids: Important Tips for Parents

    When families get together, stories abound. What are the benefits of sharing family life stories with children? Are there any concerns? Here’s information, along with several suggestions for parents.

  • Creative People Are…

    Creative people are really good at mixing and matching all sorts of seemingly contradictory emotions, ideas, and personality traits to produce something truly original and meaningful. Here are eight ways of describing creative people that take into account their paradoxical nature and process.

  • Can What You Do *before* You Write Improve Your Actual Writing?

    There may be more to ritualistic tendencies than mere quirk: engaging in pre-writing rituals could actually affect the quality of the creative experience.

  • The Strategies That Helped Me Write 3 Books in 3 Years

    Ryan Holiday gives writers a look at his own process and shares some highly actionable advice for how to increase the quantity and quality of creative output.

  • The Muse? Her Name is Boredom

    When seeking the Next Big Idea, research suggests you look for creative inspiration through some counter-intuitive routes.

  • Introducing “Mind Hangry”

    There's a newly coined term to describe the gap between what some minds need versus what they are experiencing in the learning setting: mind hangry. Read on to find out what this is, how to spot it, and how to fix it with our Mind Food recipe.

  • Daring to Push the Boundaries of Creativity

    Creative development is probably the best medium and representative for every type of emotion we can conjure and experience, particularly for a species that thrives and survives on constantly acquiring and applying knowledge, which is contingent upon an emotionally developed brain that has evolved with a “neuroplastic” propensity for creativity. We are destined, to be engaged with the entwined elements of emotions, creative critical thinking, relationships and decision-making on a daily basis – these are the things we each ought to audaciously strive for, regardless of our stations in life.

  • State of Creativity Forum to be held in Oklahoma City, November 19th

    Creative Oklahoma will host the annual State of Creativity Forum on Nov 19th in downtown Oklahoma City. Join an assortment of students and professionals as we “build bridges” between education, commerce and culture sectors to advance creative thinking and problem solving.