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  • Unleash Your Creativity in 4 Easy Steps

    Can you align your approach to creating new work to the four stages of the creative problem solving process?

  • When You Say You’re Not Creative…

    When you say you’re not creative, you inadvertently perpetuate a myth. The myth that a person can be exempt from having creativity doesn’t even make sense.

  • Does Science Say Smart People Are Creative?

    When I moved to America, I was happy that my children would not experience the "exam hell" that Asian children endure. Alas, they had to experience standardized testing "nightmares" because of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The intention behind NCLB was to make all children “smart,” but instead, it pressed no child ahead, curious, or creative. It resulted in smart test-taking skills, not worthwhile skills. Colleges and graduate schools increasingly admit smart test-takers, leaving future innovators behind. Meanwhile, testing companies increasingly get richer.

  • What Is Creative Thinking?

    Innovation requires inbox, outbox, and newbox (ION) thinking skills in the creative process. (Last updated on October 16, 2016)