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  • What Creativity Really Is - and Why Schools Need It

    In this time of global technological change and sustainability challenges, we need to increase creativity levels in the next generation, to ensure the innovations that will keep us afloat.

  • New Study Finds Student Creativity is at Risk at School

    A recent study found that there is a gap between student creative expression at home and at school. Find out which types of students experience this gap and how to help them thrive.

  • Want to Foster Creativity in Children? Science Says, “Nurture Curiosity!”

    Whether you're a teacher or parent looking to foster creativity in children, finding time to indulge curiosity is essential. That's easier said than done in today's demanding climate, with such high premiums placed on immediate achievement and rapid skill acquisition. Have no fear! This article is all about finding space for the joy and magic of curiosity "in the cracks" of modern life, whether you're looking to take on a year long project or only have five minutes a week to spare.