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  • How About a Few New Myths about Creativity?

    Today, there are more pressing creativity myths than the tortured artist or the arts bias. Here are three.

  • Want to Innovate? Science Says, “Be Mentored!”

    A mentor neither appears with angel wings falling from the heavens nor is a gift given to mentees. A mentee earns mentors through a mentored attitude, which is one of the most critical attitudes that all exceptionally successful individuals exhibit.

  • How Modern Life Is Changing Our IQs and Problem-solving Skills

    Our brains have been getting smarter in response to modern life, but a surprising new study suggests the trend may have peaked. So how can you maximise your thinking?

  • What a Computational Storyteller (MEXICA) Can Tell Us about Creativity?

    Can a computer system successfully draft, evaluate, and drive a narrative? Computational creativity researchers have considered this question for decades. MEXICA: 20 Years-20 Stories is the first book of short stories produced by a creative agent capable of evaluating and making judgments about its own work.

  • Stop Sugar-coating Creativity!

    In response to a high demand for answers, the bunkum and balderdash of oversimplified creativity solutions are continuously shoved down a hungry market’s throat. The question remains: Is the current state of knowledge about creativity in a position to deliver meaningful, scientifically sound conclusions to what creativity is and how to foster it?

  • What Creativity Really Is - and Why Schools Need It

    In this time of global technological change and sustainability challenges, we need to increase creativity levels in the next generation, to ensure the innovations that will keep us afloat.

  • How Are You Creative?

    Want to discover how you are creative? Take the CQ: Creativity Quotient for Creative Climates, Attitudes, and Thinking skills (CATs) now. It is FUN and FREE!

  • What Is ION Creative Thinking?

    This is creativity in a nutshell. It’s not a mysterious force only available to a selected few. It’s a teachable and learnable skill. It’s there to serve you if you embrace it.

  • One Skeptical Scientist’s Mindfulness Journey

    What this daydreaming researcher learned from eight weeks of mindfulness meditation.

  • Domain Specificity of Creativity: Theory, Research, and Practice

    Creativity has commonly been thought of either as a set of domain- general skills that can be applied broadly like a special kind of intelligence or as a general personality trait that colors a person’s approach to any kind of task or problem, but these ways of thinking about creativity are misleading. A better metaphor for creativity than either intelligence or a personality trait is expertise.

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