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  • Stop Sugar-coating Creativity!

    In response to a high demand for answers, the bunkum and balderdash of oversimplified creativity solutions are continuously shoved down a hungry market’s throat. The question remains: Is the current state of knowledge about creativity in a position to deliver meaningful, scientifically sound conclusions to what creativity is and how to foster it?

  • How Are You Creative?

    Want to discover how you are creative? Take the CQ: Creativity Quotient for Creative Climates, Attitudes, and Thinking skills (CATs) now. It is FUN and FREE!

  • Domain Specificity of Creativity: Theory, Research, and Practice

    Creativity has commonly been thought of either as a set of domain- general skills that can be applied broadly like a special kind of intelligence or as a general personality trait that colors a person’s approach to any kind of task or problem, but these ways of thinking about creativity are misleading. A better metaphor for creativity than either intelligence or a personality trait is expertise.

  • The Neuroscience Lessons of Freestyle Rap

    What brain scans of rap artists reveal about creativity—and what they do not

  • Measuring Creativity - the Last Windmill?

    Creativity measurement is creativity’s Achilles heel.