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  • Want to Innovate? Science Says, “Be A Nonconformist!”

    Do you feel you are a square peg in a round hole? Don’t worry; you could become an innovator if you use your nonconformity to your advantage. With conventional thinking, an EXPERT can only reinvent the wheel. By thinking a different way, an INNOVATOR can combine the wheel with something else, or extend the wheel or its use. Which do you want to be?

  • What Creativity Really Is - and Why Schools Need It

    In this time of global technological change and sustainability challenges, we need to increase creativity levels in the next generation, to ensure the innovations that will keep us afloat.

  • New Study Finds Student Creativity is at Risk at School

    A recent study found that there is a gap between student creative expression at home and at school. Find out which types of students experience this gap and how to help them thrive.

  • Creativity is Messy

    So many organizations are looking for a process to help them be more creative and innovative. Well, creativity is messy - processes are not.