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  • Surprise!

    The ability to be surprised is an important part of being creative. We mustn't leave it to chance.

  • Want to Foster Creativity in Children? Science Says, “Nurture Curiosity!”

    Whether you're a teacher or parent looking to foster creativity in children, finding time to indulge curiosity is essential. That's easier said than done in today's demanding climate, with such high premiums placed on immediate achievement and rapid skill acquisition. Have no fear! This article is all about finding space for the joy and magic of curiosity "in the cracks" of modern life, whether you're looking to take on a year long project or only have five minutes a week to spare.

  • How to Spot Wild Colts in the Classroom

    E. Paul Torrance paved the way for us to find and support misunderstood creatives in our classrooms and homes.

  • Mindfulness: Observing Without Questioning

    "An unfortunate aspect of our mental life is how unscientific it is. When we have an intuition – an idea about how the world works and how we behave in it – we act like the amateur scientist; we don’t investigate opposing ideas but automatically seek out confirming evidence. We’re elaborate story weavers (...)"

  • Humans: Why They Triumphed

    How did one ape 45,000 years ago happen to turn into a planet dominator? The answer lies in an epochal collision of creativity.

  • Mozart, Newton and You?

    "Inspiration is needed in geometry, just as much as in poetry." -- Alexander Pushkin