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  • Why Academic Tenacity Matters

    For academic achievement, ability is not enough. What’s also needed are mindsets and strategies for overcoming obstacles, staying on task, and learning and growing over the long-term.

  • In Defense of Working Memory Training

    The potential payoff of working memory training for helping those who could truly benefit from it is too great to not at least attempt to get this right, and take a more nuanced approach that takes into account multiple factors.

  • Dopamine Not About Pleasure (Anymore)

    Low levels of dopamine make people and other animals less likely to work for things, so it has more to do with motivation and cost/benefit analyses than pleasure itself.

  • New Sensitivity Gene Discovered

    Some of the very same genes that under harsh environmental conditions are associated with some of the lowest lows of humanity, are associated with the highest highs of human flourishing under supportive conditions.

  • Must One Risk Madness to Achieve Genius?

    Must one risk getting lost in the sea of madness in order to reach the lone island of genius?

  • Why Daydreamers are More Creative

    We don't have to promote either working memory skills or imagination and daydreaming. We can promote both. And in so doing, we are promoting true creativity -- creativity that is both novel and useful.