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  • Lower Working Memory Linked to Higher Levels of Divergent Thinking

    Historically, cognitive scientists have viewed strong working memory ability as one of the major key components of intelligence. However, recent studies indicate that *lower* working memory, not higher, can come with it’s own slew of cognitive advantages, including superior divergent thinking and creative abilities.

  • Are You Easily Distracted? Good! This May Be A Sign Of Your Creative Genius

    Are you easily distracted by the tapping of your co-workers pencil, by your family member talking loudly on the phone, or by a barking dog? Distractibility may just be a sign of creative potential.

  • The Myth of the Myth of The Right Brain Difference: And Why It Matters

    Despite the broad oversimplifications and misinformation of the 1970’s left - brain right brain thinking craze-- I.e. the left side of the brain is for language and logic, and the right side of the brain is for creativity and imagination-- there are significant differences between the right and left the side of the brain, and these differences matter.

  • Is Grit Stifling Our Creativity?

    Stressed out, relentless, martyrdom is often viewed as part and parcel of success. From the sleepless persona of the Tech entrepreneurs, to the ubiquitous chatter around “grit,” tenacity has become synonymous with achievement. Yet, new emergent research is illustrating that perhaps dogged determination has been glamorized far beyond its usefulness.