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  • Talent vs. Practice: Why Are We Still Debating This?

    The development of high achievement involves a complex interaction of many personal and environmental variables that feed off each other in non-linear, mutually reinforcing, and nuanced ways.

  • Is Grit Stifling Our Creativity?

    Stressed out, relentless, martyrdom is often viewed as part and parcel of success. From the sleepless persona of the Tech entrepreneurs, to the ubiquitous chatter around “grit,” tenacity has become synonymous with achievement. Yet, new emergent research is illustrating that perhaps dogged determination has been glamorized far beyond its usefulness.

  • Why Experts Always Seem To Get It Wrong

    There will always be a wealth of experts arguing a number of sides to any given issue and most will be proved wrong. Yet we still seek them out because whenever there is uncertainty, we listen to anyone who professes to know more than we do. By looking for easy answers, we’re just asking for trouble.

  • Distinguishing Good Science From Bad In Education

    When can you trust the experts? A conversation with Dan Willingham on how you can distinguish good science from bad in education.

  • The Trouble With Experts

    Something to consider when we hear advice from "experts"