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  • What Kills Creativity in Kids?

    Creativity is a choice—and if children are going to choose to be creative then parents have to be careful not to stifle it. What kills kids’ creativity? Here’s what to avoid.

  • Why Creative Thinkers are Like Natural-Born Soccer Players

    The extraordinary and important-for-life thinking skills of creative children often go unrecognized and therefore unsupported. This can lead to serious issues at home and at school. Even if they don't have a specific "creative talent," we can look for creative thinkers as we look for budding sports players, musicians, and actors.

  • Beyond Discouragement - Creativity: How to Raise a Creative Child

    In the immortal words of M. Python, "and now for something completely different." For this column, I won't be railing against the demeaning mad genius myth and its wobbly underpinnings. Instead, I will discuss this unrecognized gem of a book, in which world-renowned artist Bernard Poulin -- a very un-mad genius, and father of two -- discusses protecting the budding creativity of children from the things that are likely to squash it.