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  • Inside the Minds of Champions

    What is it that gives champions the competitive edge? When looking into the minds of champions, might their mental make-up be a key component to their success?

  • What Predicts Academic Performance?

    There is a growing movement to measure and build social-emotional skills to help students succeed. But which of these skills best predict academic performance?

  • Unraveling Human Excellence

    What drives success? In this article, Dr. Brian Davidson unravels a new theory to explain human excellence.

  • Grit and Authenticity

    True grit may require a stable connection with one’s true self, an inner stability, to cope with a world that is inevitably chaotic, full of uncertainty, adversity, and fluctuations.

  • What Makes a Great Leader?

    We know that leadership matters - but what are the personal characteristics that separate the average leader from the great leader? What makes remarkable leaders tick?

  • Can Non-cognitive Skills be Taught?

    Non-cognitive factors such as grit, growth mindset, self-control, optimism, resiliency, adaptability, conscientiousness, self-efficacy, hope, and others are all showing to be crucial predictors of success in numerous life domains...Is it possible to directly teach and foster these factors?

  • Let’s Start Teaching the Skills that Matter Most

    Dr. Brian Davidson (the Intrinsic Institute) advocates for placing greater focus on developing students’ non-cognitive skills.

  • Words Make our Worlds: Introducing Sisu

    What comes after perseverance? After you’ve reached your limits, exhausted all of your resources and there doesn’t seem to be anything left to tap into? The ability to wield courage in the face of adversity and stay hopeful amidst impossible circumstances has always been crucial for the survival of our species. How we respond to adversity has a significant impact on our well-being, so it makes sense that a deeper understanding of the determinants of resilience is not just ‘good for us’, but is an actual necessity.

  • Is Grit Stifling Our Creativity?

    Stressed out, relentless, martyrdom is often viewed as part and parcel of success. From the sleepless persona of the Tech entrepreneurs, to the ubiquitous chatter around “grit,” tenacity has become synonymous with achievement. Yet, new emergent research is illustrating that perhaps dogged determination has been glamorized far beyond its usefulness.

  • Success and Happiness across the Life Span: What Matters Most During Childhood?

    Across cultures, parents’ long-term objectives for their children include happiness, integrity, and the fulfillment that comes from doing work they value and sustaining meaningful relationships. In this article, I write about six childhood factors that increase the likelihood of people making happily productive lives for themselves.

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