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  • 10 Tips on Hiring for Creativity

    Finding the right kind of inspired individual to bring into your office is sometimes as much a talent as the artistic qualities you're looking for in the first place.

  • Want Creative Workers? Loosen the Reins, Boss

    A lesson in managing creativity can be found in the work discipline of inventive geniuses: A protected bubble in time and space fosters the imaginative spirit.

  • Hamlet and the Region of Death

    What Franco Moretti found by turning Shakespeare into data.

  • Creativity: A Crime of Passion

    Creativity seems to be the "buzz word" of the 2000s. Society values it, companies need it, and employers want it. Or do they? What society claims to want and what is actually rewarded in practice are two different things.

  • 21st Century Protest Music: Will There Be Another Dylan? Should There Be?

    The freestyle music of Occupy Wall Street exemplifies the movement's political approach, and is a radical departure from the protest music of the past.

  • America’s Got Talent

    Who is America's greatest idol? Hint: It's not Bill Gates. A commentary on the state of math and science education in our country.

  • Preserving Creativity in Medicine

    Imagination is perhaps the most essential trait that medicine, and medical insurers, must again learn to recognize and reward.