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  • Rejection & Criticism for Creatives

    Criticism and even rejection don’t just “make us stronger.” They actually can embolden our creative ideas and output. But how do you accept criticism and rejection in a positive way?

  • Making More Time to Create

    Creatives with time on their hands can “lose a sense of time.” But can busy people actually create time to be more creative? How does that work? A recent study links the experience of awe to the expansion of time, and my work gives you practical ways to shape time to be more creative on cue.

  • Cultivating a Creative Mindset

    If you avoid problems, you’re not working in a creative mindset. If you seek solutions, you’re not working in a creative mindset. This problem-solution paradox is another contradiction I’ve discovered in the science of creativity. Each opportunity breeds its own set of challenges.

  • How Creative Mindfulness is a Super Power

    In my quest to understand what works and what doesn’t for my and others’ creative work flow, I’ve come up with a metaphor for the mind. And how to use these findings as a creativity and productivity superpower.

  • When You Feel Lost in Creative Work & Business

    When it comes to my creative projects and my business enterprises, it took me a long time to realize there was no shame in asking for directions.

  • The Unusual Secret to Create What Matters

    I’m more interested in what factors help us shape a meaningful, coherent, creative life over four, five, six, seven decades. Not years. In what helps us craft a life that includes both revenue and purpose and captivating creativity – the kind of creativity that holds you captive plus holds your tribes spellbound.

  • Manifestos for Mini-Creative Retreats

    Retreats are necessary for the creative mind to have uninterrupted time to wander, tinker, and ultimately move great ideas into action. But how do you keep from over-booking that creative time with too much ambition (the counter-mood to a retreat!) on one hand and a loose free-for-all in which little actually gets done on the other?

  • Science of Creativity Digest: Exercise Works

    We have known for a while that deliberate physical movement - even if not especially a yoga practice, for instance - can stimulate different kinds of creative thinking. Below are two articles that report on current studies in this domain. Plus, take weekly creative challenges through RadioWest and the Utah Arts Festival.

  • Science of Creativity Digest: Business School, MS Program, & Too Much Structure

    Creativity is coming to the center of education and business. If in the 1990s, it was viewed as a liberation to personal and creative expression, the past ten years of research and conversation has pointed to a central fact: It is part and parcel of how we human beings learn, engage, manipulate, and make the world - better and worse. Here are three articles to keep you connected to the latest in the art and science of captivating creativity.

  • Less Labor Works Better: The Value of Mind-Wandering

    An invitation to work and daydream differently.

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