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  • On Building Skills and Quick Wins

    Take the longer path to develop your skills and you will reach places you have never imagined.

  • Creative Break

    Do you ever find yourself stuck in an infinite thinking-loop? There is a way to break the loop, to put your problem on hold and to let your mind find a detour to solve the problem.

  • The Innovation Run

    Innovation is like a 5K run. Achieving it requires practice and patience. The benefit is priceless!

  • Creativity is Messy

    So many organizations are looking for a process to help them be more creative and innovative. Well, creativity is messy - processes are not.

  • The Playful Manifesto

    Creativity thrives when you play. But this doesn't mean you need to build a fancy physical playground. Instead, we should focus on the mental playground: creating the right atmosphere, mindset, and intrinsic motivation to play, and create value along the way.

  • Surprise!

    The ability to be surprised is an important part of being creative. We mustn't leave it to chance.

  • Is Creativity Overrated?

    Some argue that Creativity is overrated. If anything it is underrated. Here's why...

  • What Companies Can Learn from Artists to Improve Innovation

    Creativity is the driving force of innovation. Without creativity, innovation might be just luck. And since creativity plays such a major role in the process of innovation, we might as well learn from the professionals whose life is creative by definition.

  • Habit 0

    There is a connection between being imaginative and being highly effective. Before we start the journey of improving effectiveness, we must master the ability to see things differently and... imagine.

  • Get in Gear

    Imagine a classroom full of kids exploring and researching questions they came up with. Imagine that instead of learning predefined curated material, each of these kids goes on a journey - a path paved with curiosity, creativity, discovery, and imagination, leading to a place we cannot identify in advance.

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