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  • Futurist Kevin Kelly Reveals the Superskill of the Future

    After reading The Inevitable twice and recommending it to everyone I know, I set up a call to talk with Kevin Kelly about his thoughts on learning. He said the superskill of the future is . . . (read on!)

  • Meaning: The Essential Piece of the School Puzzle

    Like all of us, kids are searching for purpose in their lives. Each time they encounter a moment of deep learning, contribute an original idea, or have the opportunity to be useful or loved, they experience personal growth. Personal growth comes with the exhilarating feeling of finding a new puzzle piece to add to the picture of who they are. As they fit the puzzle together, they gain confidence, drive, self-worth, direction, and purpose.

  • Slowing the Work Treadmill

    To aid creativity and achieve more, try doing less, HBS professor says.