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  • The Neuroscience of Mathematical Beauty

    Looking at the brain scans, the researchers found that the experience of mathematical beauty was related to the same part of the brain that has been found in prior studies to be associated with the experience of visual, musical, and moral beauty.

  • Our Brains and Art

    While most people know on some level that the arts can reach and move us in unique ways, there is actually science behind this.

  • Is the Mind Like a Rainbow?

    "Much of Western philosophy has circled around the apparently unsolvable issue of the conscious mind and the relation between consciousness and the world.(...) Here we will consider a radical conceptual move as to what consciousness might be and its effects on art"

  • Art and the Limits of Neuroscience

    "(...) engagement with a work of art is a bit like engagement with another person in conversation; and a work of art itself can be usefully compared with a humorous gesture or a joke."

  • The Fear of Neuroesthetics

    Science is reductionist by its nature. It cannot study a complex system as a whole; rather, it isolates its constituents first and tries to build a picture of the whole from studying its parts.

  • Artistic Creativity and the Brain

    "There can be no satisfactory theory of aesthetics that is not neurobiologically based" Semir Zeki