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  • How to Find a Parenting Effect

    If parenting effects really existed, and you wanted to find them, where would you need to look?

  • How Parents and Teachers Can Be More Fulfilled

    Did you know that parents and teachers are creative professionals? Todd Henry's awesome work can help you leverage this role and do your own best work.

  • What Do Productivity and Creativity Have in Common?

    The quick (and unproductive) answer is that both words end with the same letters—TIVITY. The better (and more creative) answer points to several sure-fire approaches that parents can use to foster kids' productive AND creative efforts. Find out more below!

  • What the Cubs’ Epic World Series Win Can Teach Us About Parenting

    With a desire to return to the days following the Cubs’ World Series win when everybody in America seemed to be celebrating together, I’ve been thinking about what the aftermath of the 2016 baseball season can teach us about parenting and leadership. There are powerful lessons to be learned.

  • Children’s Tasks: What to AIM For!

    Sometimes a task is daunting—or a child may presume it’s difficult or even irrelevant. Parents can think about the magnitude, manageability, and meaningfulness of the task, and also help kids deal with all of this by effectively taking AIM...

  • The Nurturing Parent and the Nurturing Teacher

    One way that educators can practice Nurturing Teaching is by allowing students to be part of the problem solving process when they have a complaint or frustration. For example, creative children often find repetitive paperwork to be irritating. Too much of this can lead to that attitude we all know so well: disengagement or defiance. Consider two conversation scenarios between a third grade student and her teacher.