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  • Want to Innovate? Science Says, “Be Optimistic!”

    Innovators are not immune to the roadblocks and pitfalls of life. They may even encounter more trials than the average person as they make and remake in the name of excellence. Why are they able to persevere and prevail when others don’t? An optimistic attitude keeps the innovator cheerful and encouraged on the road to accomplishment.

  • The Power of Gratitude

    Gratitude is one of life’s most potent game-changers. Find out why—along with several practical ways to encourage kids to cultivate and express gratitude.

  • What If We Have It Wrong About Boredom?

    Despite its negative connotations, boredom may actually be valuable.

  • Is an Optimistic Mind Associated with a Healthy Heart?

    Merely alleviating anxiety and stress don’t necessarily lead to better life outcomes. Positive characteristics, such as optimism, vitality, meaning, and subjective life satisfaction are immensely important in their own right and can lead to better cardiovascular health.

  • The Irony of Wishful Thinking

    Positive thinking by itself does neither help the young nor the old, neither college students to get a better grade nor suitors getting a better date. If anything, it keeps people from moving towards the very outcomes they desire.