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  • Learn Self-Control Through Science

    Realize your creative goals with these 5 science-backed methods.

  • Creative People Are…

    Creative people are really good at mixing and matching all sorts of seemingly contradictory emotions, ideas, and personality traits to produce something truly original and meaningful. Here are eight ways of describing creative people that take into account their paradoxical nature and process.

  • Science of Creativity Digest: Exercise Works

    We have known for a while that deliberate physical movement - even if not especially a yoga practice, for instance - can stimulate different kinds of creative thinking. Below are two articles that report on current studies in this domain. Plus, take weekly creative challenges through RadioWest and the Utah Arts Festival.

  • The Albatross and the Chameleon

    The curious case of domain dependency.

  • Correcting Creativity: The Struggle for Eminence

    Excessive focus on the cognitive science of creativity trivializes "big C" creativity and reduces eminent creators and their creations to clich├ęs. This misplaced focus robs us of the opportunity to understand original thinking and genuine innovation.