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  • Who Did the First Experiment?

    Did a 6th century Hebrew fortuneteller accidentally do the first documented experiment?

  • The War On Science

    Science matters because it is not dependent on faith, it depends on skepticism and doubt. Nothing is ever proven, only disproven. A prevailing theory can last for decades, centuries even, and then be cast aside. Yet science moves on, making new discoveries and eliminating possibilities that have been found wanting.

  • Six Games Psychologists Play

    In 2013: “In the wake of several scandals in psychology research, scientists are asking themselves just how much of their research is valid.” But nearly fifty years ago, Marvin Dunnette wrote an insightful article illustrating that many of the games we see played in the field of psychology today were present in 1965. Something needs to change.

  • Jonah Lehrer Interviews Christopher Chabris

    A conversation between May 14 and June 20 on writing about social science (and doing it).