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  • Thank You, Teachers!

    This article was written in gratitude—to express appreciation to teachers. Here are six R and R ideas to help educators make the most of summer.

  • The Magic Button

    Every one of us has a magic button in our brain that moves us into a more efficient learning mode. Can we push it proactively? Can we use it just before starting a day at school to create wonders in the classroom?

  • 19 Things That Great Music Teachers Do

    What makes a great music teacher so effective? Below are 19 clues, taken from the approaches of three renowned artist-teachers.

  • The Inadequacy of Mass Education & the Case for Autodidacticism

    "(...) autodidacticism is an attitude one brings to learning, an attitude which is essential to gaining substantive insight both within and beyond the confines of traditional educational institutions. This attitude consists of a willingness to question all of one’s assumptions and preconceived ideas, a strong desire to learn and to apply what is learned, and a fiery love for knowledge in and of itself."

  • The Role of Talent And Motivation In Education And Business

    "In our country today there are two principal groups that are largely underserved in our K-12 educational system: the most brilliant and the most economically disadvantaged." - Norman Augustine