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  • 2018 Creativity Crisis Update: How High-Stakes Testing Stifles Innovation

    This is an executive summary of a follow-up report (2017) of “The Creativity Crisis” (Kim, 2011) that discovered American creativity in decline since the 1990s. The full report has been reviewed by several researchers, but it will not be public until it has gone through a lengthy review process.

  • Are Teaching Certification Tests Too Hard?

    As the popularity of a teaching profession increases, have the tests for entry become too strenuous?

  • What Do We Know About Human Intelligence?

    What do we know about the science of human intelligence? Douglas Detterman, emeritus professor at Case Western Reserve University, shares what he has learned from decades of working in this field.

  • Why Assessment Is Not the Enemy

    Any kind of assessment – whether a classroom quiz or the state’s annual academic achievement testing in math and reading – is only worth giving if the time and money used to give it pays for itself in the form of greater student learning.