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  • What Causes Depression? Myths About Chemical Imbalances

    A closer look at physicians, drug companies, and the medicalizing of depression.

  • Should You Control or Harness Negative Emotions?

    Here's what the recent generation of emotion researchers have uncovered - on their own, negative emotions are neither good nor bad. Emotions provide information. The problem is when they hinder important life goals or when people exert finite time and energy to get rid of these emotions so that fewer resources are available to invest in more meaningful pursuits.

  • Does Kindness Kill Creativity?

    You may be surprised to hear that politeness and kindness often inhibit creativity. In fact, researchers have shown that when groups adopt a “no-criticism/no-argument” ground rule, they produce far fewer creative solutions to problems. A culture that values debate, criticism, and quarrelsome discussions will be more productive, creative—and ironically—harmonious.

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