• Finding The Next Carl Sagan

    A conversation with Adam Frank: physicist, writer, and science evangelist

  • Doublethink: The Creativity-Testing Conflict

    How leaders can push for both entrepreneurial thinking and high standardized-test scores in schools.

  • THNKR on Creativity Post

    THNKR is a new YouTube channel from, a global studio that creates some of the world’s most innovative content across all forms of media. The company develops, produces and distributes television, feature films, commercials, music programming, smartphone & tablet applications, digital content and design. The company has been honored with an Academy Award®, numerous Emmys®, a Golden Globe®, Grammys®, Webbys®, The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Communication Design, and two Palme D’Or’s at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

  • The First Eyewear Designed for Seeing…People.

    The O2Amp amplifies perception of emotions, moods and health. Really.

  • The Art of Innovation

    "Our students have the freedom to design their own pathways. They move freely among disciplines to integrate content and technique. They cut across boundaries. They create hybrid practices, and they explore all aspects of their creativity in order to address complex issues."

  • What If Steve Jobs Had Lived Over 100 Years?

    What would Steve Jobs have done with his life if he could have lived beyond a century? What would you do with yours? On increasing our life spans, health spans, and invention spans.

  • Controversial Science of Brain Imaging

    Various problems with the right interpretation of fMRI studies.

  • The Future of Science

    Almost every technological and medical innovation in the world has its roots in a scientific paper. Science drives much of the world’s innovation. The faster science moves, the faster the world moves.

  • Super Apps!

    A conversation with Luis A. Gutierrez, the author of the first comprehensive book about the history and development of Apps.

  • Despite Less Play, Children’s Use of Imagination Increases over Two Decades

    Children today may be busier than ever, but Case Western Reserve University psychologists have found that their imagination hasn’t suffered – in fact, it appears to have increased.