The Feast of Fish Puzzle

The Feast of Fish Puzzle

Create June 17, 2012 / By Barry R. Clarke
The Feast of Fish Puzzle

A hungry old fish name of Wise, Couldn't think what to have with his fries, His friends couldn't suggest, What to do for the best, So he turned them all into fish pies!

A shoal of fish were enjoying a swim when the fish at X decided to eat the five fish A–E. This he did by moving only along the straight lines, visiting each position once only and finally returning to X to swim along with the shoal. Now C was eaten some time before D who was not the last eaten, B was devoured some time before A and the route that was taken did not cross over itself at O. Can you draw the route that fish X took?

Last Week's Puzzle

Arranging the parts as shown, Sid Sly saw a reflection of his watch in the river. One way he might wear his watch to see this would be to have it on the inside of his wrist with his arm outstretched.

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