The Tic-tac-toe Puzzle

The Tic-tac-toe Puzzle

Create April 22, 2012 / By Barry R. Clarke
The Tic-tac-toe Puzzle

Presenting the game Tic-tac-toe, Which every young fellow doth know, We give a dilemma, To make your brain tremor, The solution to which is a secret!

In Tic-tac-toe Town, somewhere in the USA, the townsfolk are known as tic-tacs and the young mature from being cross into being noughty. Youth can be a difficult time, with everyone angry (cross) with everyone else, but as adulthood approaches, they soon turn into practical jokers (noughty), and life suddenly becomes fun! However, a measure of discipline is essential because to be a winner everyone knows they have to tic-tac-toe the line. The tic-tacs certainly know their place in life ... somewhere on a 3x3 grid of squares.

The young metamorphasise into adults in a curious way because when maturity is reached, three cross youths combine to produce a single noughty adult. The procedure is illustrated below where three crosses are shown, each made of two pieces. The puzzle is to ascertain how the six pieces can be rearranged to make a single nought?


Last Week's Solution

The reason that the door is made of tin is so that the fractions on the wall can be seen reflected in the door to give the message "tin mine inside it" (shown below).



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