'Tis the Season for Creativity

'Tis the Season for Creativity

Pop Culture December 26, 2012 / By Keith Sawyer
'Tis the Season for Creativity

During the Christmas season, we see all around us the wonderful creative potential of every human being.

Here in the United States, it is our special holiday season when we celebrate Christmas and the New Year. And there is beauty and joy all around. In these last few weeks, I've seen an incredible outpouring of everyday creativity:

  • Visiting a local shrine, I toured a room filled with Christmas trees that had each been decorated by a different nonprofit organization. They were being auctioned to raise money for charity. The decorations were exceptionally creative!
  • On YouTube last week, with my 9-year-old son, I discovered an entirely new domain of creativity: Christmas house decorations where the lights are synchronized to a particular popular song. Check out this display, set to the song "Gangnam Style".
  • My wife and I have received several extremely creative holiday letters, which describe another family's events, vacations, and successes over the past year. Many of these are produced as "newsletters" with professional-quality layout and design. (Check out this one on Pinterest.)
  • In my local town center of Belleville Illinois, we recently had a Gingerbread House competition. The winners are displayed in storefront windows facing Main Street. Check out this awesome best in show winner.

I love the holiday season, with its wonderful outpouring of human creativity. It demonstrates that each one of us has the potential to make wonderful things. Many of my blog posts are about the famous creators: Jackson Pollock, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs. But I deeply believe that creativity is something that we all share. This is my holiday wish: May you find joy in the beauty of human creativity, on display everywhere this holiday season. And may you continue to find wonderful creativity in 2013.

Article Featured Image:  2012 Gingerbread Contest Winner, Belleville, Illinois

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