The Rise & Power of Authors: A Conversation with Jeremy Greenfield

The Rise & Power of Authors: A Conversation with Jeremy Greenfield

Arts April 20, 2013 / By Jeffrey Davis
The Rise & Power of Authors: A Conversation with Jeremy Greenfield

A look into the world of digital book publishing with Jeremy Greenfield.

The Rise & Power of Authors:
A Conversation with Jeremy Greenfield,
Editorial Director of Digital Book World

As I’ve written elsewhere, this age of digital disruption can cue our creative mindset and task us to become creative agents - people who take charge of our work and output. That tenet seems especially true in the current world of publishing.

In the past few years, the digital world has disrupted the publishing world in unprecedented ways.  The Amazon Empire has challenged not only traditional bookstores, but also traditional publishers, and advances in technology have made it both viable and even legitimate for authors to stake their own turf via self-publishing routes and bypass the traditional gatekeepers between authors and readers.

But as a veteran or aspiring author, how do you know what your options are?  And once you know your options, how do you know which are best for you and your particular project? 

To talk about these and other questions related to digital publishing, I spoke with Jeremy Greenfield.  Jeremy is the editorial director at Digital Book World. He’s a columnist on digital publishing at, and he's author of the eBook titled Finding the Future of Digital Book Publishing: Interviews with Nineteen Innovative eBook Business Leaders. 

We talk about the ways in which authors are shaping the publishing world today, the biggest mistakes self-published authors make, and what distinguishes successful authors from ones who don’t make it.

Listen to the mp3 and download the transcription here, check out the webinar he’s co-hosting, and share your responses and questions below.

00:00 Introduction
01:35  The Rise & Power of Authors
06:56  When To Go Traditional?
14:21  Self-Published Authors’ Mistakes & Smart Moves
19:08  How Will Your Book Get Discovered?
22:10  Resources for Authors

Get an unbiased look at the independent ebook publishing scene with Jeremy and Jane Friedman, former publisher of Writer’s Digest. Live webcast, Tuesday, April 23, noon EST.

Self-Publishing Ebooks in the Flourishing Digital Book Market


How is this digital age feeding your creative audacity? Where are you finding opportunity in the disruption? How does publishing and authorship factor in your creative agency?

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