How to Get Creative: Stop Trying

How to Get Creative: Stop Trying

Business November 11, 2011 / By Jason Fried
How to Get Creative: Stop Trying

Creativity can come out of nowhere. The trick is to sense it—and ride it to the end.

A few weeks ago, I was on fire. I was working on some designs for a prototype of a new software product, and the ideas were flowing as they hadn't in months. Every day, I felt as if I were accomplishing two or three days' worth of work. I was in the zone, and it felt fantastic.

It lasted about three weeks. And then I found myself back at my old pace. Instead of being superproductive, I was sort-of productive. Some days, I felt as if I barely accomplished anything.

So what was wrong? Nothing at all.

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Picture by Laurent Cilluffo.

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