Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work

Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work

Business March 16, 2015 / By 99U by Bēhance
Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work

Presenting a tightly curated collection of cutting-edge creative work from all over the world, Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work takes you inside the trends driving today’s most exciting art and design creations.

For this brand-new book, we asked the talented Behance curatorial team to share their take on new directions in art and design work, based on years of reviewing incoming projects uploaded by top creatives all over the world. To create a comprehensive narrative for such a broad range of work, we’ve organized their finds into 18 themed chapters that riff on the idea of “super-modified” creative work.









Super-Modified looks at how a humble material like felt is being remixed in office spaces, character designs, and furniture; how recycled design is making everything from discarded aluminum cans to shipping containers fair game for reinvention; and how the grand, cinematic visions of traditional architecture are finding their way into interior spaces.

Beautifully executed by Behance’s design team, Super-Modified features work across the full gamut of creative fields as well as:

  • 288 pages of visually stunning creative work

  • A series of in-depth interviews with top creatives

  • Behind-the-scenes “process notes” on how the work was created

From innovative approaches to traditional crafts to unexpected uses of new technologies, it’s clear that classical approaches to art and design are being subverted, blurred, and reinvented by today’s creatives. Their ingenuity and imaginativeness—and their willingness to share it on Behance—has inspired us, and we hope it does the same for you with this new book.

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